Making Your NOW Perfect: Self-Care First

In our final visit of February, let’s retreat within to the core principle – putting self-care first is the secret to making each day your best. This month of love serves as a reminder that your NOW can be perfect when you live in it and take extraordinarily good care of yourself first.

Reflect on the journey of February, the self-love notes, energy phases, self-inquiry work, empowering choices, visualization, breath of renewal, transformative release, and journaling. Each of our NOW self-care times has been a step in the direction of understanding that everything is possible NOW when coupled with consistent self-care and self-inquiry retreat within work.

You literally get back what you put in.

Carry the momentum of these retreat within visits into March, knowing that your growth is continuous, and your possibilities are limitless.

As you consistently engage in self-care, remember that living in the NOW expands in the delicate balance of nurturing your true self and embracing the evolving journey of growth and self-discovery.

Thank you for being in my NOW. Please stay involved! I have explosive and exciting plans for March and you will NOT want to miss them.

Happy NOW, and remember to revisit the power found in February’s writings to protect your new NOW journey.