Mini Meditations: Journal the Pause to Live in the NOW

Step into a world of mindfulness and self-care to discover the transformative power of mini meditations, expertly crafted to infuse your daily life with mindfulness, awareness, and presence.

Author, PJ Zito, takes you on a journey through the self-care art of retreating within, sharing real-life examples that encourage slowing down to savor life’s fleeting NOW moments.

Retreat within to live well in every moment.

The overflow of consistent self-care as you go deeper into your inner world through meditation times is about being proactive and productive while being still.

Your subconscious mind is running at about four billion bytes per second. Your conscious mind runs at about two thousand bytes per second. 

That ability to harness energy, master Mental Plane influences, achieve Physical Plane mastery, and prioritize self-care can happen during meditation times of clarity at the subconscious level. PJ helps you to slip into the world of Mental Plane processing by taking you on practical mini meditations that she leads. Mini meditation experiences will help you to know your Mental Plane processing and show you how to become more involved in your inner abundance.