My Goal Setter, NOW Getter Habit Tracker

This is a year-long journal for setting up your new NOW habits to honor your promise to put self-care first. It only takes a few minutes, each morning and each evening, to write your truth and plan how your next NOW moments will unfold.

Spaces are provided to help you visualize your plans and to hold yourself in a loving embrace as new habits are formed for a lifetime of happiness and wellness.

Patience is created while habits from a lifetime of old NOW struggles are exchanged for new NOW power and perspective. Self-care first is the secret to making each day your best and this tracker is your accountability enabler because days are busy AND expensive!

When you spend a day that has been planned properly using self-care retreat within inquiry techniques, you have the power to stay living in the NOW to never miss another moment of your extraordinary life.

Lists, plans, goals, chores and reflection space provided for each new day will help you to quickly organize your plans and free up a lot of wasted time. That’s what goal setters do. Habits make life easier.