Happy March to you! March is My Favorite Month!

I am bursting with excitement because, during March, we are going to look into the hows and whys of making healthy eating choices!

It’s time to understand nutritional options because they form the foundation of your new NOW lifestyle. Healthy eating will be the cornerstone of your new NOW way of living! YOU have the power to create your new NOW.

In my newly published book, I share simple yet powerful facts and strategies to support your journey toward healthier eating. Simple skills create wise choices that will empower you to prioritize self-care consistently, starting with what you put on your plate.

Throughout March, we will be focusing on creating a healthier Physical Plane body, and that begins with food choices. It’s time to “Elevate Your Plate to Elevate Your Life NOW!”

My birthday is in March and my VIRTUAL BOOK LAUNCH PARTY will be on my grandmother’s birthday, March 23rd.


📣 Be there live to spin the prize wheel!

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📍Thank you for being in my NOW! I truly look forward to finding out how you stay in the NOW on purpose. 

💖 Happy NOW and happy, healthy March.

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