The Art of Living in the Moment

If you are in any way feeling stuck or powerless in your life, there is a solution. You can choose to live in the NOW or The Present Moment.

By understanding this skill and applying it to your life, you start slowing down the ‘treadmill’ of stress and pressure in your life. You’re still running, you’re still taking care of business, and you’re still being a responsible mature adult.

That’s not going to go away.

The big difference is you become more aware, so you are able to become more content and fulfilled in the present NOW moment. You’re no longer kicking the can down the road when it comes to your personal happiness and fulfillment. You learn how to live in the present NOW moment and enjoy it and accept it for what it is.

Life is never going to be perfect. And if you are going to believe society, you set yourself up to be happy when perfection enters your life, and you’re setting yourself up for a big letdown.

This book teaches you the valuable skill of living in the present NOW moment. Not tomorrow, not next week, and definitely not next year. Right here. Right NOW.

Happy NOW,

PJ Zito