More About Turning the Page: A Do Over Diary

“Turning the Page: A Do Over Diary”, is a transformative journey into self-care and self-discovery. In this book, I invite you to retreat within on an honest exploration of your past, guided by the belief that every event and every person has led you to your perfect NOW moment.

“Living in the NOW™” is not just a mantra; it’s my voice and my signature line. Through these pages, I emphasize the power of prioritizing self-care as the catalyst for personal growth and change. Too often, we find ourselves caught in the chaos and overload of life, unable to grasp the true essence of our existence or recognize the path to our higher selves.

Drawing from the understanding that we live and move within the divine, let’s look deeply at the gift of awareness—the realization that we are alive, awakened, and constantly co-creating with the universe. By harnessing the power of constructive thoughts and purposeful actions, we can transcend negativity and embrace a life of happiness and fulfillment.

Central to your evolving self-care journey is the practice of self-inquiry and reflection. When you pause to remember your true self and release the grip of your old NOW’s grievances and judgment, you open to the transformative potential of the perfect, present NOW moment.

Through introspection and connection with the divine within, you NOW pause and journal your way to a new NOW. You create a life characterized by centeredness, consistency, and intentional living because you are NOW putting self-care first.

By prioritizing self-care and nurturing your inner world truth, you affirm your inherent worth and embrace the abundance of the Spiritual Plane. With each Mental Plane thought and each Physical Plane action, you shape your new NOW reality, affirming your unique gifts and contributing positively to the world around us all.

In “Turning the Page”, I encourage you to love yourself as you are, recognizing that every aspect of your past has led you to this new NOW moment of possibility and growth. By embracing the
Spiritual Plane approach of seeing the good in all things, you will step boldly into a new NOW—one that you design and define by self-care wellness, inner freedom, and personal authenticity.

With the power of free will and an internal guidance system, you have the ability to transform your NOW and create a reality that is rooted in love, gratitude, and humble appreciation.

Join me on this journey of self-discovery and empowerment, as we turn the page using our do over diary to safely journal a new NOW of possibility and fulfillment.

Happy NOW!

PJ Zito