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It’s PJ again, here to target being happier and healthier by Living in the NOW. The biggest moment of our life is right NOW! We notice and tap into the meaning and purpose of each moment by mastering the 3 Planes of our life.  

The Physical Plane is our body on the earth. The Mental Plane is all the things we’ve been programmed to believe & our endless self-talk. The Spiritual Plane is an awareness of the abundant and always available NOW that meets our every need. Let’s dive into life again and discover meaning at every level. Let’s celebrate the week’s NOW with our Mental Plane today. Finding meaning & being present in the NOW is to be vitality alive!
RETREAT WITHIN is to conquer our Mental Plane and construct our Physical Plane from the resources of our healthy, inner, beautiful world. That consistent self-work priority pours us into the abundance of our ever available Spiritual Plane. That is why it is imperative to Retreat Within for self-work each and every day.

To RETREAT WITHIN is to conquer our Mental Plane and construct our Physical Plane from the resources of our healthy, inner, beautiful world. Today is focused on the inward journey patterns we all need to make our own. Close your eyes, sit back, breathe from your belly, hold it, let go, and do it again. Fill your belly and lungs with air and add a smile! Hold and let it go. Repeat the process several times until you feel centered, peaceful, and open.  NOW, in the pause, look within and find your hero, your angel, your mentor, your cheerleader, your inner guide, your true self.  

Let them show you more about your real superpowers. Don’t think! Listen.  

Retreat within, and in the abundance, find your true self, and meet the personalities that know you and represent who you are at your highest level. When you retreat within and spend time in meditation, you will meet that person who is your truth, your friend, your ally. The one with the gift that you seek and need right NOW will come forward and embrace you.  

In your silence, in the pause, meet and speak to everyone within who believes in you. Bring their power to the front of your Mental Plane’s attention and allow who you meet to show you who you are and how you are able to influence your Physical Plane right NOW.  

Repeat this search for each person every day! As you come to know, ask them to tell you what your best attributes are and how you are going to tap into the depth of who you are NOW with them. Don’t think! Listen.  

All will share and accompany you. With them beside you, instead of buried under your self-doubt and ego’s make-believe defeating self-talk, you can step into your life, your NOW, unencumbered by the should and should not stories of your past. Free from burdens, filled with confidence, give thanks, move forward, and change the world from your abundance, right NOW!

You have every power within!
This is LIVING IN THE NOW and it pours us into the abundance of our ever available Spiritual Plane.   There lies the SECRET TO MAKING EACH DAY OUR BEST!  

Have a great day, on purpose, AND remember:  
❤️︎ The NOW is all we have. ❤️︎
❤️︎ The NOW is all we need. ❤️︎  
❤️︎ The NOW is all we get, and it is perfect when we stay in it.❤️︎ 
           ❤️︎Happy NOW, PJ Zito ❤️︎  

P.S. – Much to think about and do! Thanks for opening my ponderings! More coming so keep up the extraordinary self-work, Champion! Create your Retreat Within space and establish specific times to stick to! Your true self whispers as you pause, ponder, and journal!

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