Elevate with Superfoods

Spring Superfoods Will Elevate Your Plate and Elevate Your Life NOW!

Spring has arrived, and the temperatures are getting warmer. NOW, you will spend more time outdoors, and you will likely revisit the healthy resolutions you made at the beginning of the year. Shed the heavy clothing and shed the pounds to look your best and live in a healthy, happy NOW.

For many people, Spring feels like a fresh start, similar to the beginning of the year when hope for a new NOW is strong. You can quickly eat better, become more active, and make new goals for the year just by retreating within to put self-care first as this new season of beauty unfolds its resources.

If this sounds like how you are feeling NOW and you want to improve your health and eating habits, superfoods are one great way to do that. I speak of changing your NOW immediately when you “Elevate Your Plate to Elevate Your Life NOW” with wise choices and new facts that make sense.

What are Superfoods?

These types of foods are higher in nutrients than the average type of food. They include a combination of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, even grains and meat. Each of the superfoods we will study this month have a lot of vitamins and minerals you need to add to your plate for a healthy, balanced new NOW.

The following blogs for this month will target the most amazing superfoods recommended for your spring and summer meal planning. Not just because they are available this time of year, but it is easy to add them to foods you tend to enjoy when the weather is warmer.

Keep returning to https://zitoprohealth.com/free/#blog all this month of May, for more about the top 12 superfoods for Springtime abundance, and remember to put self-care first by spending time retreating within. Happy May and, of course, healthy, happy NOW!

PJ Zito