Elevate Your Plate and Keep Turning the Page

Published April 3, 2024. The 6 x 9 Paperback has 93 pages to change your NOW quickly. Can be your new NOW diary for under ten dollars!

Living in the present moment, your perfect NOW, prioritizing self-care and self-inquiry inner work, leads to a deeper understanding of self and the world around you. Rather than seeking upward paths that feed the ego, the path of retreating within, a downward path, offers a more trustworthy, personal discovery journey.

True spirituality and inner perspectives involve letting go. Jesus’s words, “the truth will set you free,” resonate deeply. It’s about recognizing what holds you back and releasing it. It is “Turning the Page” knowing that all things and all people in past experiences were instrumental in bringing you to this perfect NOW.

In a society that values consumption and accumulation, you must know that you often lack training in letting go. True liberation lies in shedding your pretend world, your old NOW false self, your ego justifications, all cultural biases, and your Mental Plane chatter of limiting fears.

Freedom to live in your perfect NOW means releasing the desire for more to pay attention to the abundance within and that requires self-care first’s relinquishing control. Self-care first and self-inquiry work are about surrendering the need to be right and the need to know everything. In the downward inner journey of becoming empty enough to live in the NOW, you discover how very full your Spiritual Plane truly is.

My latest book called “Turning the Page: A Do Over Diary”, invites you to find time and nurture your well-being. Through self-reflection, unlock profound insights and connect with your inner wisdom. Step back from the chaos of life and uncover the lessons woven into your experiences. Embrace change with trust and faith, knowing that every twist and turn has led you to this perfect NOW. Release and re-discover you!