My Signature Book: Living in the Now: The Secret to Making Each Day Your Best

LIVING IN THE NOW The Secret to Making Each Day Your Best Patricia Jean Smithyman-Zito

My own personal journey has proven to be a growing awareness of abundance. This book compiles a lifetime of ponderings that offers readers the opportunity to grow in areas of moment-by-moment awareness and self-reflection, to better live in the NOW, and to grow in wisdom and grace. Ah, to be wise and aware of the abundance in life’s every moment!

May abundance always flow into your NOW. We are companions on the journey who inspire, energize, and alter life. Abundance is for everyone and living with an attitude of abundance is really an individual choice that overflows and impacts others. Living life to the full is always right. My prayer is that everyone discovers the reverence, wonder, and blessings of “living in the NOW” in the first stage of their life!

This book is 40 days to deeper prayer and greater self-awareness discovered by writing right within the pages of this book.

Patricia Jean Smithyman-Zito

P.S. – Be sure to check what the price is for the hardbound book. Amazon often prices the hardcover for less than the softcover! Thanks for being in my NOW.